for Steve Lynch (Autograph)
Mike Kendall (Great White)
Anthony Swift had this built for his brother, brought me all the wood and parts.SG Beautiful guitar though, handrubbed oil finish, hotrodded seymore duncans,Bigsby, Grover tune
April 2017 for Dan Mcintosh
Mike Jones Guitar
That is Honduran mahogany, rock maple, EMG KFK pick ups, tone pro's wrap around, locking tail piece, Kleuson/tone pro's locking machines, bat inlay, gumbo frets, bone nut, cream binding, lacquer finish over trans red, and the biggest freaking unfinished, oiled, rock maple neck you've ever seen, complete with velute. That's why it's "the LOG" SN: MJLOG51311 born this day!
JB new guitars 29Jun2015
2015 Black White Jimi Bell Guitar
Jimi Bell Guitar
Jimi Bell Guitar - 22 fret, Rosewood
Jimi Bell Guitar - 22 fret, Rosewood
Jimi Bell signature 2, WE made some changes per Jimi's request. 22 fret, Rosewood fretboard, Pearl White, Mirror pick guard, Skull Inlays,and the EMG 81-85 PICKUPS will be chrome, we just didn't have a set here, This bad boy is getting shipped out today!
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